Technologies for People

Welcome Technologies for People

The Technologies for People is a non-profit organization that joins together a group of researchers sharing common research interests in developing technologies for people. This group’s work focuses particularly on developing technologies suited to cases or specific groups of citizens with special needs.

In recent years this group has been developing technologies to assist people with special need, helping these people gain independence and quality of life. In this context it has established partnerships with national and foreign institutions.

In 2006 the conference DSAI - Software Development and Technologies for Enhancing Accessibility and Fighting Info-exclusion - was created. DSAI takes place at intervals of one year and a half. The main objective is to meet with other researchers and provide a forum for discussion on various aspects of accessibility.

Following the success of DSAI, in 2016 the association is creating the TISHW conference - International Conference on Technology and Innovation is Sports, Health and Wellbeing - aiming to o support research and innovation on sport, health and well-being by promoting cooperation between Universities, Research Centers, Sport Organizations, Health Institutions and Industry.